Warehouse Security

A CCTV system for your warehouse is not only ideal for security but also for safety. Get a bird’s eye view of the warehouse to help your managers monitor exactly how things are going. Make sure production is moving quickly and safely. You can even use your CCTV system as a sales tool showing potential customers exactly how your warehouse or production line is run in real time.

Remote Monitoring

Lekson’s DVRs come standard with a remote monitoring feature allows you to access the feed from wherever you have access the internet through a network viewer. Managers can monitor the work done in the warehouse from their offices making sure everything is running safely. Of course keeping an eye on your inventory at all times is also an advantage. High quality surveillance cameras feed into a digital video recorder keeping track or your items even when no one is there. Digital Video Recorders can archive weeks of information. User friendly menus allow for easy search and playback. Simply enter the date and time you are searching for and you will have instant video recall of the images. Give your warehouse a technological upgrade with a CCTV system from Lekson.

To learn more about the Lekson line of Digital Video Recorders click here.

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