Retail Stores

Every store owner wants the extra security CCTV brings. Now it is affordable and practical for stores of all sizes. Surveillance cameras placed by cash registers, stock rooms, and exits will deter criminal activity by both customer and employee. Advances in camera technology and recording capabilities now produce a higher quality digital video which increases the chance for positive identification of criminal behavior.

Public View Monitors

A new innovation in loss prevention is known as a public view monitor. The Lekson 20” and 23” LCD Public View Monitors have a dual purpose of preventing shrinkage and educating customers at the same time. The Lekson PVM comes with a built in camera plus motion and light sensors letting both customer and employee know they are being observed discouraging shrinkage. The PVM also comes with a smart card reader allowing you to play ads for the products you carry in your store. The Lekson PVM is effective for both security and advertising applications.

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Digital Video Recorders

CCTV systems of the past relied on VHS tape that would be recorded over time and time again never providing you with a good record of events. Now keeping an archive of events in your store is easy with Lekson’s full line of DVRs. You can choose from 4-channel, 9-channel, or 16 channel surveillance. Your video will be saved digitally in smaller files minimizing recording space allowing for weeks video archive. Review the surveillance history and record at the same time so you never miss a thing. User friendly menus and search guides make recalling video simple. In addition the networking features of the Lekson DVR allow the user to remotely view real time video or access the archives from your home or anywhere you can access the internet.

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