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MPEG-4 Channel Digital Auto Recorder

 Versatile   Powerful    Intuitive

  This high performance, economical DVR offers
  all of the features, power, and reliability
  demanded by security professionals. User
  friendly on-screen menus and plug-and-play
  setup allow even novices to use the DVR
  adeptly. The L4DVR160 brings all the benefits
  of digital security surveillance to users of all
  levels. Replace outdated VCR models with a
  faster, cost-efficient digital recorder. From retail
  stores, banks, warehouses, and offices to use in
  the home; the easily maintained L4DVR160 is
  ideal for use in many applications.
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  The L4DVR160 comes with a 160GB hard drive that allows for weeks of storage of archived video based on the selected recording modes
  and speeds. MPEG-4 video compression allows high-quality video to be recorded in a minimal amount of space. All Lekson DVRs come
  with a USB port on the front panel designed for the transfer of clips and images to a USB Memory Stick.

  Configure your DVR’s settings with intuitive menus accessed using the controls on the front panel or the optional remote control. Use the
  menus to configure your system parameters and tailor the DVR to your needs. Set recording image quality and/or alarms on a    
  channel by-channel basis. Change passwords or review archived video. User friendly on-screen menus make setup and search features   simple.

  Never lose another second of coverage with the L4DVR160’s Triplex feature. Reviewing archived video images from the DVR or through
  a network connection will not stop the DVR from recording in real-time.

Access real-time or archived images from remote locations. A password protected site accessed with remote viewing software (included) enables you to review real time video, search saved video, and record live or playback video to your computer’s hard drive.

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