Office Security

Ever wanted to have a night watchman walking the corridors of your office? Protect your valuable electronics and ideas by installing a Closed Circuit Television system to patrol your office during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Cameras strategically mounted throughout your office will deter criminals and vandals from destroying your hard work. High resolution cameras and digital video recorders archive high quality digital videos increasing the chance of positive identification of criminals or vandals.

24 Hour Monitoring

In addition to providing high quality images DVRs allow for constant 24-hour monitoring with easy playback. Images are stored digitally allowing you to save a large amount of information in a small space. User friendly menus allow the user to search the arvichives quickly. Simply enter a date and time into the search menu of the DVR and you can instantly see the video playback. The DVR can feed the images into a high resolution LCD monitor and its networking feature allows for secured viewing from any computer with an internet connection. View either real time images or playback saved video through Lekson’s network viewer.

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