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LPVM23– 23" LCD Monitor with WDR Camera

IP Version coming Q3

Lekson’s LPVM23 TFT color LCD monitor offers superb picture quality with an ultra bright LCD screen and 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. With built-in camera, motion & light sensor, and smart card reader the LPVM23 is effective in both security and advertising applications. A USB 2.0 Player which works with most popular video formats is built into the monitor allowing for advertisements to be played directly from the PVM. The built-in WDR Camera has a resolution of 480 TVL Horizontal and a signal to noise ratio of more than 46 dB. Infrared remote control allows for easy set up and control. The light sensor conserves energy by putting the monitor into sleep mode when the room lights are turned off. The motion detector with vector tracking software is complimentary to both security and advertising functions. The sleek design of the LPVM23 is aesthetically pleasing and wall mountable for maximum visibility.


Features and Benefits:

• Ultra Bright: Brightness 600 cd/m² in combination with high Contrast Ratio of 400:1 provides superb viewing in areas where bright ambient light is a factor
• High Resolution: 1366 x 768 (WXGA)
• Horizontal Resolution: 600 TV Lines
• Quick Response Time: Instrumental in showing full-motion video display without ghosting or smearing
• Motion Detection: Vector tracking software will detect any movement in view of the camera. Once motion is detected one of three video inputs will be displayed on the monitor. Choose to display the Camera, AV1, or AV2 input after motion. Options allow user to set the sensitivity of the motion detection and the amount of time display will remain on the monitor after motion.
• Picture in Picture: Choose to have the display after motion detection on one of 9 PIP locations. Select from the upper left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner. PIP feature allows the original input to continue without interruption after motion detection. (Available in Multimedia Mode only)
• 3D Comb Filter: provides separation of the Y (black and white) and C (color) elements of a video signal. A 3-D Y/C filter also compares three consecutive horizontal scan lines within a single video frame analyzing each frame in advance ensuring the best possible picture.
• De-interlace Technology: The process of taking two interlaced fields and generating a single frame to be viewed on a progressive display, such as a computer monitor.
• Multimedia Player: Play music, movies, photos, or slideshows from a Compact Flash Card or USB Memory Stick. Various options including repeat mode and display preferences enable user to customize the presentation. (Player supports the following types of files: JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-5, AVI, and MP3.)
• IR Remote Control allows for easy setup and control: Adjust the settings on the PVM from a distance with the remote control feature.
• WDR Camera: Located at the base of the monitor the integrated camera is a great way to discourage shrinkage. Camera can be displayed on the monitor in a variety of forms and has separate output to connect to recording device. Camera angle is easily adjusted for optimal surveillance.
• Multiple Video Inputs and Outputs: 2 Looping Composite inputs and outputs, S-Video input and output, VGA input, and DVI input
• Light sensor: Conserves energy by putting monitor into sleep mode when the lights go out
• Internal 2W Speakers








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