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KLM150L– 15” LCD CCTV Monitor

Lekson Video’s Platinum line of color LCD monitors are built specifically for the security industry. Lekson Video provides the latest in cutting edge technology to ensure the best possible picture quality. The LCD panel reduces glare and provides distortion free images compared to most traditional CRT type monitors. The sleek compact design of the Lekson LCD monitor is ideal for the user who requires a clear, reliable, viewing solution without taking up a lot of space. User friendly front panel controls along with desktop, wall mount or rack mountable options make the KLM150L an adaptable viewing solution. Multiple video and audio inputs and outputs make the KLM150L the perfect companion for CCTV or PC based applications. Whether you are replacing old CRT monitors from an existing surveillance system, or implementing a new up-to-date surveillance system, Lekson LCD monitors are the answer for your modern security needs..

Features and Benefits:

• Designed for use in CCTV applications
• High Resolution: 1024 x 768 (XGA)
• Horizontal Resolution: 540 TV Lines
• Excellent Brightness 450 cd/m² in combination with high Contrast Ratio of 400:1 provides superb viewing in areas where bright ambient light is a factor
• Quick Response Time: Instrumental in showing full-motion video display without ghosting or smearing
• 3-D Comb Filter: provides separation of the Y (black and white) and C (color) elements of a video signal. A 3-D Y/C filter also compares three consecutive horizontal scan lines within a single video frame analyzing each frame in advance ensuring the best possible picture.
• De-interlace Technology: The process of taking two interlaced fields and generating a single frame to be viewed on a progressive display, such as a computer monitor.
• Multiple Video Inputs and Outputs: 2 Looping BNC Composite inputs and outputs, VGA and S-Video
• Monitor Switching from the front panel: Buttons on the front provide V1, V2 (composite), PC/DVI and S-Video viewing on one monitor
• Audio Inputs and Outputs: Looping audio inputs and outputs (RCA) times 2
• Built-in speaker (.05 Watts x 1)
• All Lekson monitors are desktop, wall, or rack-mountable using VESA (100mm x 100mm) specifications that will adapt to your mounting configuration needs
• Space saving design in a “head end application” or “desktop” where space is a consideration
• Energy efficient and produce less heat than legacy CRT monitors, typically reducing energy cost by 40% over a legacy CRT monitor
• OSD (On Screen Display) and easy to use front panel controls for monitor programming




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