Home Security

CCTV is the ultimate complement to any existing home security system. A Lekson surveillance system allows you to monitor the perimeter, entryways and grounds of your home. Use a camera to watch over your cars in the garage and driveway. Keep an eye on your kids in the backyard or in the playroom. CCTV can be as simple or advanced as your needs require. A surveillance system will help deter burglars and vandals keeping your valuables protected.

Remote Monitoring

The networking features on all of Lekson’s line of DVRs allows you to check in on your home when you are traveling on business, vacation, or staying late at the office. With the Network Viewer you can access real time video or playback saved images from a secured IP address. Access is available from any computer connected to the internet. Sleep better tonight knowing that extra security for your home and loved ones is now within your reach.

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