Surveillance is not just for casinos. From bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, and go cart tracks to bars and night clubs, CCTV is a companion to entertainment businesses. High resolution cameras and digital video recorders add another level of security and safety for both your patrons and for your investments.

CCTV can Entertain and Protect

It is not just enhanced security that makes CCTV attractive to the entertainment industry. Consider a go-cart track for example. The owner might install a surveillance system to cut down on aggressive driving enhancing the experience of all customers and limiting damage to his vehicles. To his surprise he finds there is another advantage in having the CCTV system installed. The feed from the security cameras can also be displayed on a 23 “ Lekson Public View Monitor allowing spectators and customers waiting in line to see friends and family race from all angles of the track just like the race was being broadcast on TV. The CCTV system that was originally installed as a safety measure now has an entertainment value. Public View Monitors can also be added to the entrances to clubs or bars. PVMs have the ability to advertise up coming promotions while providing security.

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