Keep the hallways safe with your school’s own CCTV system. Technological advances in cameras, recording equipment, and monitors have made surveillance of school grounds much more realistic. Cameras can be strategically placed in hallways, cafeterias, stairways, entrances, exits, and even classrooms increasing safety and helping promote a safe environment to learn in.

24 Hour Protection

The cameras stay when the bell rings giving you 24-hour supervision of school grounds and property limiting theft and vandalism. Security cameras feed through a Lekson 4, 9, or 16 channel Digital Video Recorder capable of holding weeks of archived video. User friendly menus make playback simple. Just enter the date and time and the archived image will be at your fingertips. The DVR’s standard networking feature allows the real time video to be available to more than one administrator, faculty member or security guard at a time via a secured internet connection.

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Public View Monitors

A new advance in CCTV technology is known as a Public View Monitor. PVMs are large LCD monitors which offer a way to disseminate information and offer surveillance at the same time. The monitors have a built in high resolution security camera and motion and light sensors which preserve recording time. The PVM also comes standard with a smart card reader and is capable of broadcasting information and announcements. Placing a Lekson PVM by your main entrance allows you to communicate important information to students, faculty, and parents while monitoring the entrance.

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